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Can chickens eat strawberries? What You Need to Know!

Can chickens eat strawberries? Every coop owner had the same question in mind when the strawberry’s ripe season came. The answer is a big “YES.” Chickens, in particular, love snaking on berries, and adding a few red strawberries to their diet will surely make them happy. Yes, chickens can eat strawberries, and they are safe for their digestive system until you overfeed them, which can cause diarrhea and stomach problems.

Ensure not to overfeed them with the red fruit, and always consult your local vet before feeding anything new to your flock of chickens.

As a coop owner, you must have noticed the excitement in your flock when they see strawberries. Chickens usually love to eat new fruits but stay cautious before feeding something you don’t know.

Fruits like strawberries and other kinds of berries are healthy for your flock, but they have a large amount of sugar, which can sometimes bring hard times for your community of chickens.

How to feed Strawberries to Your Chickens

Strawberries are a healthy diet for your chickens, but too much consumption can create trouble in their digestive system. The proper way to feed your flock with strawberries is by mixing them with other vegetables like spinach and kale.

Strawberries are full of sugar content, and mixing them with these vegetables acts as a balancer for the sugary content of strawberries.

Is it safe for chickens to eat strawberry tops and stems?

Yes, feeding ripe strawberries to your chickens in small quantities is completely safe but with proper caution. Usually, strawberry crops are exposed to a lot of toxic substances during the ripping period.

These toxic substances can cause kidney problems and other known health issues in your flock of chickens. 

Feeding strawberries with leaves and stems can cause blockage and kill enzymes in the chicken stomachs, which usually help chickens to digest food. A small amount of oxalic acid is present in the fresh leaves of strawberries, which can cause great damage to the chicken kidneys. 

Sometimes you notice mold on your strawberries, but chickens don’t care if there is mold, over-ripped, or fungus on the strawberries they are eating.

Mold and fungus can be harmful to your flock, and do inspect the fruit before feeding them.

It is advisable to remove any remaining leaves and stems from the strawberries before feeding them to your flock of chickens. This will help in keeping your flock of chickens healthy and happy.

Strawberries as a treat for chickens

Strawberries are a very tasty and full of a nutritious treat for your flock of chickens. The nutritional value of vitamin C is high, which can benefit your flock’s health. Feeding strawberries to your flock in moderation is recommended to avoid any problems.

Chicken normally eats strawberries cut into diced shapes and sometimes sliced into small pieces. Cutting strawberries into small portions can help chickens eat them easily and help them in digestion.

Overall, strawberries and other berries are a fun treat for your flock of chickens.

Strawberries nutrition 1 cup

Protein1.55 g
Fat0.696 g
Carbohydrates17.8 g
Fiber4.64 g
Sugar11.3 g
Vitamin C136 mg
Vitamin K5.1 ug

Can baby chicks eat strawberries?

Yes, baby chicks can eat strawberries safely but in a very small amount. You should avoid adding other fruits to your chick’s diet without prior knowledge. Strawberries are full of nutrients that can help develop your chicks into healthy chickens.

Baby chicks should have a very small amount of strawberry chunks at first; you can increase the amount with growth. 

Can chickens eat frozen strawberries?

Yes, Chickens can eat frozen strawberries, especially during hot weather. Chickens typically get heat-stressed and lose a lot of vitamins during that period.

With a normal diet, it will be difficult for them to produce the lost vitamins, so feeding them frozen strawberries can help them regain their vitamins.

Healthy Treats for your chickens

Other than strawberries, some other healthy fruits can benefit your flock.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Apples: Chicken love to feed on tiny apple chunks. Chickens can eat apple flesh and seed, but apple seeds can trouble their enzymes digesting the hard grains.
  2. Grapes: Chickens can eat green and red grapes and love this juicy fruit. The best practice is to slice the juicy fruits into small chunks and let your chickens feast on them.
  3. Bananas: Bananas are a great source of nutrition for chickens and can provide them with essential vitamins and minerals
  4. Orange and other citrus fruits: Chicken love to eat citrus fruits like oranges, lime, and lemons. Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C and can be healthy for your flock. The best practice is to remove the seed and rind before letting your flock feast on the fruit.
  5. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are a great source of low-calorie vitamins and keep your chickens hydrated throughout the day.

Frequently asked questions

What fruits are toxic to chickens?

Avocado, Rhubarb leaves, Apple seeds, and Cherry pits are toxic to chickens because they contain a small amount of cyanide which can harm kidneys.

Can chickens eat the tops of strawberries?

No chickens can not eat the tops of strawberries. It contains toxic elements which can cause harm to your chickens.

How do you give strawberries to chickens?

Chickens love to eat strawberries cut into tiny pieces. You can also cut them into dice shapes for your flock but don’t add it into their daily diet.

What should you never feed chickens?

Raw meat, moldy or spoiled food, onions, garlic, and chocolate. They contain fat, can be toxic, and may cause illness in your flock.

What is the healthiest fruit for chickens?

Many types of fruits are healthy for chickens. Some fruits are apples (without seeds), strawberries (without top and stem), and citrus fruits full of vitamin C.


Winner winner, no chicken dinner. Letting your chickens feast on every tiny leftover of their strawberry treat is entirely safe. To keep your flock healthy, stress-free, and happy, you should feed them strawberries in moderate quantities. Never overfeed them, as strawberries are sugar carriers and can cause damage to their stomach.

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Remove every possible stem and leaf from the red berries before feeding it to your healthy flocks.

Do let us know how your flocks feel after feeding on the red-dotted berries.


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